welcome to my asylum

I'm Kim ☠ I love cats, I'm married to Tom Hiddleston ✌❤, I love my followers <3 - instagram and twitter @waitinginsanity ♥ I'm in Loki's Army ♥ - proud Stan <3
also, if anyone of you ever need someone to talk to or to vent to, i am always here. don't hesitate to shoot me a message. <3
Anonymous asked: Mark, maybe you should wear a sleeping mask to bed now...



i think so

Anonymous asked: Favorite kind of hug? :D



Long, cuddly, Strex-Approved hugs! :D 

-Karen :D


My dear… Associate, Karen is here with me today to take all of your Strex-Approved questions.

Karen/Fem!Kevin: waitinginsanity

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Kitty Cat 13